Here are many of the great sessions that will be available throughout the conference.  Registration for specific sessions will open up soon, but you can register for the conference now and be notified when that’s available.  When you register, please express interest in different things below.  Please enter your email address to the right in order to keep up to date!

  • Tom Holland will be doing a breakout session focusing on the child’s brain development and how it acts when given a healthy does of nature; how it acts when given a healthy dose of electronics and how it acts with a healthy mix of the two.
  • Jeremy Harder will be presenting on maintaining balance with technology via Brain breaks, activity, and movement.
  • Ann Brucker will be doing sessions on Google Keep, Google Drawing, Google from A to Z, and Google Forms
  • Shaundel Krumheuer will be doing sessions on Google Basics, Slides is All You Need, Google Classroom, and Fun Tools you Can use Monday
  • Ann and Shaundel will do a joint session entitled Google Showdown, “it’s fun! Like lots of fun!”
  • Full Day GKO (Get Kids Outside) – Educating Outdoors while still meeting the standards

Tentative Schedule – You get to choose your own adventure at the Big Sky Tech Summit: