Thursday October 20 Event
8:00 Registration packets and coffee, tea and snacks
8:30 Welcome and Keynote speaker Tom Holland
9:30 Break and find session
9:45 Session 1- 4-5 Tech choices for each session
10:45 Session 2- Tech Choices
11:45 Pick up lunch and head out to outdoor activity
1:45 Debrief of outdoor experiences
2:15 Session 3- Tech Stuff
3:00 Break
3:15 Session 4- Tech Stuff
4:00 Yoga, meditation, massage
5:30 River House Celebration


Friday October 21 Event
9:00 Welcome back coffee, tea and snacks
9:30 Keynote – Harder, Google Cardboard VR
10:30 Session 5A – Movement/Brainbreaks/Balance with 1:1
10:30 Session 5B- Tech stuff
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Keynote Speaker
1:30 Session 6A- PBL/Inquiry Learning
1:30 Session 5B- Tech stuff
2:30 Schwag giveaway- thank you
3:00 Corral Social

Friday will also have a Full Day Session.  There will be a full day Big Sky School District “Get Kids Outside” tutorial from Jeremy Harder.  Check out our Sessions Page for more detailed information.