Get Kids Outside!

I recently read this article discussing physical activity and the brain called Positive Changes In Brain Function.  It stated the following “With tightened budgets and a need to show scholastic achievement results for their efforts, schools have been increasingly removing physical education and recess from their curricula (1). Research however, indicates that the removal of physical activities may cause a significant detriment to academic achievement. In fact, numerous studies link an increase in physical activity with improved test scores (2,3,4,5).”

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As a Health and Physical Educator, I appreciated the fact that this article related the contentedness of being healthy/physically active and how it enriches your brain capabilities.  Too often in schools, the first programs that are cut are the specials courses which include PE, Art, and Music.   One aspect we are trying to promote at our school district is how we can integrate the movement and brain activity to enhance our students’ experiences and enrich their learning avenues.  There has been vast research done on exactly this concept and substantial backing to support.  Here are a few sites/articles that I wanted to share that I found interesting and helpful Active Education,  SPARK PEMovement and Learning, The Importance of Movement.   I am super excited for our Big Sky Technology Summit 2016 as we will have sessions supporting our passions!

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