2017 Sessions

Here are many of the great sessions that will be available throughout the conference. Instead of reserving ahead of time, we encourage you to come, explore, and play your Tech Summit experience by ear.  Scroll down for the full schedule.

Re-imagining Learning Spaces with Kayla Delzer

If we take a look at classrooms over the past 100 years, we are seeing the same type of learning environments, year after year. The world is changing, yet our classrooms are remaining much the same. Revitalizing space is a straightforward way to let students exercise choice in the learning environment and find academic success on their own terms. Leave this session with a good idea about how to turn your classroom into a flexible seating, student led “Starbucks for Kids” learning space.

Student-Led Learning: Genius Hour Passion Projects with Kayla Delzer

Have you been hearing about Genius Hour, passion projects, or Google’s 20% time in classrooms? Are you unsure how to justify this type of student-led learning—or implement it with fidelity? Kayla presents the research behind allowing students one hour of their week to study what they are passionate about. From brainstorming topics to creating meaningful, student-driven presentations, learn how to create a classroom where student passions come alive.

The Real Magic School Bus: What I Learned from Building a Mobile Makerspace with Ryan Hunt

You don’t need to be Ms. Frizzle to take students on an unforgettable journey of discovery and imagination, all you need is creativity and the willingness to fail. After helping to build Canada’s first mobile makerspace and engaging tens of thousands of children and youth in maker education, I’ve seen the power of creativity open minds, overcome obstacles, and change lives. In this session I will share with you my top 10 pieces of advice for building a successful mobile makerspace. Whether it’s a cart, a bike, a boat, or a bus, let me share my strategies for what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to building a truly magical mobile makerspace.

Global Connections in the Classroom with Deanna Horsens

​Connect your classroom to students from all parts of the world. Students will enjoy chatting with others while practicing skills and collaborating on projects about language, culture, and global issues. PenPal Schools was created by teachers who know you’re busy, so they have done the planning for you. Getting started is easy and projects require as little as 30 minutes per week! PenPal Schools will connect your students with a group of PenPals from multiple classrooms, around the world! Students log in each week to learn and share perspectives with their PenPals. Best of all…PenPal Schools is FREE! **This activity is best for students in 3-9th grades

Computer Science in the Middle Grades with Deanna Horsens

Come explore computer science in the middle grades. Google CS First is a FREE online platform for creating, managing, and teaching computer science in any content area. The best part of all…NO computer science experience required! Lessons are designed for students in 4th – 8th grades (or between the ages of 9 – 14). The program includes nine different clubs, based on real-world themes; art, friendship, storytelling, music & sound, sports, animation, social media, fashion, game design. The highly engaging curriculum will have your students coding, hacking, and remixing their way through several SCRATCH projects.

Creative Circuits; Art and Electricity Collide with Deanna Horsens

Art and electricity collide in this electrifying session. Learn to build simple circuitry while making LED greeting cards, name tags, wall art and more. No prerequisites for these hands-on STEAM activities, just a little imagination, thoughtful problem solving, and some artistic ideas. The cross-curricular project can be modified for engineers of all ages and abilities. Lesson plans and supplies will be provided for everyone. Come build creative circuits and leave with a charged-up paper sample, for activities that can be implemented in the classroom next week.

Break Away from Boring with Breakout EDU with Ann Brucker

BreakoutEDU is a gamified learning concept that will get your staff and students thinking critically, problem-solving, troubleshooting, working collaboratively and having so much fun they won’t even realize how much they are using their brains! Breakouts can be created for absolutely any concept, and are perfect for teaching or reviewing any skill. If you are familiar with the concept of an escape room, then this will blow your mind!

InCREASE the Fun in Math with Origami! with Ann Brucker

Take a few pieces of paper, use some basic folds, and just like magic, you’ve made something amazing! Oh by the way, you address some great math concepts in there, too. Come learn some really cool shapes, techniques and resources that will get you and your kids thinking and learning spatially.

Draw out your Students’ Creativity! with Ann Brucker & Shaundel Krumheuer

Hone in on any critical concept in any subject area, and gamify it with Google Drawing. Start with a proficiency scale or even a rubric, allow students to take control as they demonstrate their own achievements. They will level up as they earn pieces that make their Drawings go from “meh” to “MEEE-WOW!” Design a project of your own in this hands-on workshop.

Assessment Outside the Bubble with Shaundel Krumheuer

Assessment can take on a variety of forms, and all teachers are looking for creative ideas to assess student knowledge and get the results to the kids in a timely manner. Instead of defaulting to multiple choice answers on a scantron, let’s think outside the box (strikethrough box) bubble! We’ll explore formative & summative assessment tools that can give you an authentic glimpse into your students’ abilities without keeping you up all night to review! Tech & non-tech tools.

Add SPARK with Adobe! with Shaundel Krumheuer

Adobe offers a suite of free tools that are some of my absolute favorite for creation! Spark Note, Video, and Page are easy-to-use tools that are great for teachers, but they also offer versatile, fun ways for students to create to learn!

Smarter than your Smartboard 2.0 with John Hannahs

The smartboard is a glorious learning tool that will enhance classroom lessons when used correctly. Learn how to use your favorite resources more efficiently, implement the SMART software in a meaningful way, and other tips and tricks to turn your Smartboard skills from SAD to RAD!

The Building “Bricks” of a successful Robotics Class with Rob Reynolds

Learn what is needed to set up and successfully run a robotics program or class. Gain ideas for pacing, team building and high level student engagement. Develop project ideas that reinforce not only robotics skills but life skills. This course will provide you with the foundation, know how and confidence to get started with your own school, after school, or club robotics program.​